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warrior fitness training

Why Warrior Fitness?

"Like Warriors, we are challenged with strength training and ever changing programs.  We push past our limits and we feel empowered."

Strong Man

A Trainer Who Cares

We are an Athletic and Wellness Lifestyle Company driven by personality and focused on fitness and health.  We offer personal training, small group training, yoga, mobility and nutrition services that are designed to improve and balance any lifestyle. 

Cross Fit Class

Solutions That Matter

We foster growth and results through careful planning and programming specific to the individual.  We work together to build a strong community.  Like Warriors, we are challenged with strength training and ever changing circuits.  We push past our limits and we feel empowered.

Fit Woman

Proven Results

Our bodies move and adapt and change.  We are pushed and motivated beyond our comfort level with unlimited variations and superior results. Sustainable and Consistent performance and health improvements through measurement, analysis and accountability. 


Warrior Fitness Training is consistent functional programming using unique equipment in a non-intimidating professional atmosphere.  We are not a traditional commercial gym. We are unique. We are a supportive and like minded community working on our goals. This is where you come to work on you, life's best project!

Personal Trainer/Owner

Catherine Setacci-Drapeau


Get Your "Warrior" On...

Warrior Fitness Training offers a variety of Services that fits into any lifestyle.   

Climbing Rope

Warrior Fitness

Personal Training

Personalized & Structured Fitness Programming.

Online Yoga

Warrior Fitness

Online Training

Fitness from anywhere!

Online Training on Zoom.

Child's Pose

Warrior Fitness

Yoga & Mobility

Learn to be present and focused in your daily life.

Fitness Class

Warrior Fitness

Small Group Training

Mobility, Strength and Conditioning in small groups.


Warrior Fitness

Specialty Programs

Wellness & Nutrition Programs to transform your mind, health and body.

Fit Girl

Warrior Fitness

Video Library

Professional training available anytime, anywhere.


Find The "Warrior" Within...

We would love for you to join our Warrior Fitness Training community!

Warrior FItness Training

186 Merritt Street,

St. Catharines, Ontario

L2T 1J6,


Tel: 905-328-4454

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