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Different Breed

I take pride in having a different approach. I've never been a follower. I like to take the road less travelled. This can be a more challenging path - but people don't learn from things that come easy.

We have officially entered into February 2021. The second month of a new year, and not just any year - a pandemic year. You may have started this year making resolutions and you probably have given up on those resolutions. Most people have a weight loss resolution starting their new year and it's usually something they find on the internet or some diet they hear from their girlfriend.

I don't believe in resolutions. I am a goal oriented warrior. I have goals, I prioritize them and I develop a plan and I put the plan in motion until the goal is complete.

When it comes to internet weight loss, or social media weight loss challenges - they all stem from diets. Diets don't work. More than 95 percent of diets fail. That's a really big number, yet each year, multiple times per year you or someone you know - or many people you know are on these "diets". I get the mentality, I also understand that the fitness industry is to blame for some of this. The way information is presented to the public is like fake news. You have to understand that there are people who are honest about the methods when it comes to maintaining fat loss and maintaining weight loss and then there are people who just want to sell you a gimmick and have you yo-yo-ing throughout life.

Well, I'm here to disturb those ill intentioned people. Though I am only 1 person, I have been making a difference and plan on doing so indefinitely.

Our wellness approach is far from a cleanse, a potion or a pill. It does not have a name like "keto/paleo/lowcarb/lo-fat/iifym/whole30/weightwatchers/beachbody/insertbullshitnamehere". Our wellness program is a lifestyle approach. Thinking that you will just come to me and ask me for a diet plan will not work either. I have far to much integrity than to place you in a fat loss phase if your body is screaming otherwise. After careful consideration and time together 1 on 1, your specific information will be processed and digested to see where the best place is for you based on your current dieting and health history. If you aren't taking that information into consideration, you are not helping yourself. Just because you "feel" like going on a diet doesn't mean that's what you should do. This is a clear path for failure and an unhealthy relationship with food and more importantly with yourself.

We use foods that you enjoy eating and we build them into a plan specifically for you to pull from. We structure the plan for you, its not a one size fits all. You will build habits and behaviours around your days and you prep and organize your time, your food and your day.

I understand being able to "wing" your meals, but Ive never met a person who wings their education and finances and has any success. Health is important. Though gyms may not be essential according to our government - in the big picture - the mental, physical and emotional benefits from gyms is something that is critical and necessary to live.

Our wellness plan works because we not only make you accountable to us, we teach you how to be accountable to yourself. We use many measures for victories too. Unlike Weight Watchers or many other "Diet Groups" the scale is not the be all end all dictator of health. We look for victories relating to your health, your strength and your general well being. Sleep, mood, hormones, energy level, maintainability and much more.

If you are looking for a quick fix, go nuts, it's not something I will support - the damage is too great and its a constant battle of self hate and organ damage.

If you are looking for a method that you can maintain as a lifestyle with someone who will support you, keep you accountable, be honest with you, listen to every step of the journey and teach you the proper approach for you to maintain - then consider us.

I am blessed and grateful that these 2 Warriors trusted us with their lifestyle approach. The warriors they have evolved into during this program is incredible. Women have long been taught that scale weight matters. When this has been ingrained into you - it's hard to change. The pictures speak volumes of what changed physically and the conversations prove to me what changed mentally and emotionally. The work ethic, dedication and determination is second to none. The habits and behaviours that they worked on every day were challenging of course but they did it anyways. They both have families and busy lives and still managed. Managed with highly stressful days and events. Managed through Birthdays, Christmas and holidays. They never felt deprived and they never quit. They didn't quit because it was a lifestyle approach. There were no binges because we worked food and alcohol in. No cheat days or cheat meal nonsense. No crazy bouts of cardio. Structured Plans and structured programming with real food and rest days.

I am very fortunate to be able to work with really amazing Warriors. I love to make people strong. I love to make people healthy. I love for people to have a healthy relationship with food and fitness. I love helping people find that confidence. It's my job to teach people how to do this for themselves.

Congratulations to Sherry and Wendy. The tenacity, grit, persistence and dedication to your health is inspiring. Sherry lost almost 30 inches and Wendy just over 23 inches. Both women increased their strength and improved their relationship with food all while improving their overall health and fitness.

We are Warriors.

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Sherry and Wendy are beautiful :) Here’s to continued health and strength!


Absolutely amazing!

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