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If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet...

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Richmond Street Plaza is where brick and mortar started for me. It started with a meeting and a handshake and my own very first lease. It was a 1 year commitment that turned into ten years. A decade of strength, physically, emotionally and mentally. A decade of training in my own place BUT a place that I wouldn't have been able to keep if not for all the support from family and members.

Prior to training in my own facility, I worked full time in accounting and also had a part time job at Fitness Alive, a women's only gym. Fitness Alive was the place where I met a woman, who would become a role model, mentor and friend. She treated me like family, educated me and she also pushed me to become better. She did this for many, many women and I was fortunate to be in that circle.

So, yesterday was Women's International Day and it was more memorable for me because it was the day I got the keys to Warrior Fitness Trainings new home. A day I will never forget for sure, opening the doors for the first time and embracing the new place. What makes it so special are the women who helped get me there. I am blessed to have been and be in the company of so many strong women. Don't get me wrong - there have been a lot of men that have helped me too and I am eternally grateful. It's just a nice new beginning for a girl from Thorold with a village of women supporting her to take that next step.

I am thankful for all the women who plant seeds in my life to help me get better. I appreciate and love all my women Warriors and look forward to planting seeds of my own for future generations.

So, our location has changed yes, but our roots are even deeper...

Warrior Up!

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1 Comment

I'm overwhelmed with excitement!! Thank you for being you!!!

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